San Jacinto County Historical Commission 2015 summary

Presented by Barbara Shelton

Barbara Shelton along with several San Jacinto County Historical Commission members were on hand at Commissioners Court this past week. The purpose in the public comment segment of the meeting was to share with the court a summary of accomplishments and activities for 2015. Shelton was presenting the summary in the absence of President Rebecca Hammonds, due to her work schedule.

The summary of events for 2015 included the Trash N Treasure Trek in February, a couple of paranormal investigations, the 145th San Jacinto County Birthday Celebration in which cake and coffee for the citizens of the county were severed in the courthouse. In addition a motorcycle ride, BBQ plates and auction were held with the help of American Legion Post 629.

“The Heritage Day Celebration brought more patrons than the last two years that it has been held. The cast of characters for the event has been extended and we are in hopes of more involvement this year,” stated Shelton.

The Haunted Jail was held three weekends in 2015. The middle weekend did bring rain however, we were still successful. Halloween night made up for the rain. The Women’s Auxiliary Unit from The Legion also helped out during the Heritage Day and Haunted Jail events by selling food, drinks, and snacks. Food to feed the volunteers and actors at the Haunted Jail was donated by Cora Standley, Paradise Grille, Kathleen Matheu and Brookshire Brothers. During April, the Old Jail was the sign of a break out scene for a western movie being produced by a small company out of Houston. With the help of Judge John Lovett a contest has been generated to create a county flag.

There have been major and minor repairs on the premises last year. After five years on a used, donated air conditioning unit, it finally stopped working and had to be replaced. The toilets , some faucets and light fixtures have been replaced. Several community service workers putting in lots of hours helping us prepare and cleaning up before and after the events in which was hosted by the historical commissioner. Landscaping tasks have been performed as well. There was an infestation of Texas Leaf Cutter Ants by the public restrooms, a termite infestation on the General Store and a bee hive on the outside of the Old Jail Museum, all of which had to be treated.

Anyone that would like to participate and join in the events and become a member of the SJC Historical Commission are welcome. The SJC Historical Commission appreciates the help and support of San Jacinto County and looks forward to the continued success of the Historical Commission. For more information please contact the Old Jail Museum at 936-653-2009.