Trump wins—Wyatt wins contested race for constable

By Martha Charrey
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San Jacinto County, the State of Texas and voters around the United States cast ballots Tuesday to elect Donald J. Trump for president in what is being called one of the biggest upsets in political history.

Electoral votes from the State of Texas went to Trump fairly early in the evening as national election results were being reported. By 1:44 a.m. Vice President elect Mike Pence announced that Trump had won the election, introducing him as President elect Donald J. Trump. By 2 a.m., Trump had garnered 275 electoral votes to cinch the presidency.
In a speech, Trump said he wants to be a president of all people and thanked Secretary Hillary Clinton for the work she has done for the country.
Trump said Clinton called him to concede. However, Clinton did not speak to her supporters during the night.

In San Jacinto County, Trump took the early votes with 5,541 compared to Clinton’s 1,214 early votes. On election day, Trump further outdistanced Clinton with 2,509 more votes for a total of 8,050 unofficial votes, while Clinton got a total of 2,034 county votes.

In other elections, San Jacinto County resident Ernest Bailes (Rep.) easily beat his Libertarian opponent Evan Nagel in San Jacinto County with 8,185 total unofficial votes compared to Nagel’s 653 San Jacinto County votes for State Representative, District 18. Districtwide Bailes received 40,911 votes, or 88.01 percent.

Announcing his victory in being elected as the next state representative, Bailes said Tuesday night, “I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout the campaign, and I look forward to representing the people of Liberty, San Jacinto, and Walker counties during the 85th Legislative session.”

Bailes is a fifth generation rancher and small business owner who lives in Shepherd, with his wife Courtney and their two boys, Ernest V, aka Cinco, and Rigby. With deep roots in and around the district, Ernest understands the importance of having a strong voice in Austin, one that represents rural conservative values.

Running unopposed, U.S. Representative, District 8 Kevin Brady had 8,210 votes.
For railroad commissioner Wayne Christian got 7,295 San Jacinto County votes; Grady Yarbrough got 2,057 votes; Mark Miller received 391 votes and Martina Salinas got 118 votes. Statewide, Christian (R) had 4,554,824 (53.2 percent) votes for the win.

In the district race for Judge of the 411th Judicial District, Kaycee Jones received 7,672 or 91.90 percent of votes in San Jacinto County compared to 676 for her write-in candidate. Districtwide, Jones got 4,488 in Trinity County compared to her write-in candidate’s 212 votes.
In Polk County, Jones received 13,523 votes, or 85.37 percent compared to her write-in candidate who received 2,318 votes or 14.63 percent. Her unofficial districtwide votes total 65,683.

San Jacinto County races
San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers (R) received a total of 8,458 votes. He ran unopposed.
Kelly Selmer (R) received 7,579 for County Tax Assessor-Collector, compared to 965 write-in votes for her opponent.

Running unopposed for Precinct 1 Commissioner, Laddie McAnally (R) garnered 2,012 votes.
Thomas Bonds (R), also running unopposed, got 2,138 votes.

Running unopposed for Constable, Precincts 1, 2 and 3, Roy Rogers (R) got 2,071 votes for Pct. 1; Roy Pippin, Jr. (R) received 1,612 votes for Pct. 2; and Sam Houston (R) got 2,240 votes for Pct. 3.

The only Democratic race in the county was won by Precinct 4 incumbent Alvin R. Wyatt who garnered 1,979 votes, while his Republican opponent Haney Wilkerson received 1,219 votes.
Shepherd city and school board elections results

In the City of Shepherd’s mayoral race, Earl Brown was running unopposed. He received 344 early votes and 136 election day votes to become mayor of Shepherd.

Two candidates with the most votes for aldermen in the City of Shepherd will be seated on the city council. C. Mark Porter received 142 votes; Jody Holloway received 282 votes; Chester Holden received 92 votes; W. Williams received 110 votes; Walterine Brooks Carr received 125 votes and Cecil Barnett received 74 votes. The two that will be seated on the Shepherd council are Jody Holloway and C. Mark Porter.

For trustee, Position 1 in the Shepherd Independent School District race, Dwayne Wright, unopposed, garnered 1,819 votes to retain his seat on the school board.

For trustee, Position 2 in the Shepherd Independent School District race, David Smith got 723 votes, Daniel L. Brown got 665 votes and Brian D. May got 663 votes, giving the win to David Smith.

For trustee, Position 3 in the Shepherd Independent School District race, Michael Courvelle, unopposed, garnered 1,848 votes to retain his seat on the school board.