County Judge sets off alarm system inside the county courthouse

By Megan Whitworth

County Clerk Dawn Wright received a call on July 7 from the alarm company stating the alarm in her office at the courthouse was breached. She received the call at 5:29 p.m. According to Wright, County Judge John Lovett, Jr., set off the alarm.

“I said, ‘OK, you need to send the sheriff over there, because my office is closed,’” Wright said. “Me and one of my clerks were here till five. We walked out of the office, locked the doors, set the alarm; so there is no reason the alarm should have went off.”

“I would have to say it was actually him  (Lovett) that did it when I came back up here, and had the police come over here with me,” Wright said. “And went outside and checked the commissioner’s court agenda and saw my file stamp was on it.”

Wright’s file stamp includes the date, time and her signature. Her file stamp was used to mark the agenda for the Commissioner’s Court meeting set for July 1.

“Our file stamp is basically proof that the original documents have come into my office,” she said.

Lovett was out-of-town when News-Times reporters reached out to him; he said he was advised to “not grant any press interviews” by a lawyer

Sheriff Greg Capers confirmed the alarm incident.

“Our next step once our investigation is completed is to turn the entire case over to the District Attorney’s Office and then they will follow their protocol as they do with all of their cases. We are a few days out from delivering the case to their office.”

Wright said her office has changed their locks, and new protocol includes locking up the file stampers at the end of the day. Lovett does not have keys to the new locks.

“He came into my office after hours; and it was not deemed an emergency situation,” Wright said. “It’s not like it was a fire or something like that. There was no reason for him to enter my office.”