Body found in Shepherd

By Megan Whitworth

Based on physical description from family, a body discovered on July 15 near Shepherd Pentecostal Church in Shepherd is suspected to be of missing man Joshua Manly.

“We believe only on physical descriptions, the body was in a state of deterioration from the heat as well as humidity,” Sheriff Greg Capers said.

A man and children discovered the body while they were clearing the church’s lawn. The body was at the back of the church close to a fence line and behind bushes in a sitting position with the head slumped over, Capers said.

“The Medical Examiner in Beaumont was able to pull one hand with prints as the other was deteriorated,” he added. “We have put those into a data base and to the best of my knowledge right now we are still awaiting those results.”

The cause of death and day of death is currently unknown. The Sheriff said the first initial reaction from medical examiners was that the man died of an overdose on illegal narcotic. However, toxicology reports will not be available for several more weeks.