Willis man arrested after pursuit in wooded area

18-year-old Willis man Mason Kennedy led the San Jacinto County Sheriff deputies on a chase in a wooded area off of Old Salem Church Road on July 20.

Kennedy reportedly stole a motor vehicle in the Lake Livingston Acres off of Lake Road. He was seen leaving the neighborhood by the complainant, Sheriff Greg Capers said.

“A pursuit involving the suspect as well as the complainant then evolved, with the suspect crashing the stolen vehicle into a wooded area off of Old Salem Church Road,” Capers said. “The complainant and the suspect exited the vehicles. As the suspect entered the wooded area he turned and fired at the complainant. The complainant retrieved his weapon out of his wife's vehicle and returned fire.”
That is when Kennedy ran into the woods.

Capers said deputies arrived approximately two to three minutes later and immediately called Warden Harris of the Polunsky Unit for their assistance with their pack dogs to track the suspect. Approximately an hour later, they arrived as deputies were going door to door to warn neighbors of the possible threat in the area.

The pack of dogs was turned loose to track Kennedy. Capers said within two minutes later the dogs were on the trail of the suspect.

“The whole time we had stationary as well as roving patrolmen working the perimeter, when Deputy C. Simmons located the suspect on Collier Road and took suspect Kennedy into custody without any further incident,” Capers said. “Special thanks to Warden Harris as well as Sergeant Davidson from TDC for their expedient response time and pushing the suspect out into the roadway for a quick capture of the suspect.”

Willis was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft of a motor vehicle, criminal mischief, as well as theft of a firearm. He is currently being held in the San Jacinto County Jail. His bond amount totals $322,500.

“We are still investigating other charges on this criminal episode,” Capers said.