Shepherd City Council approve to purchase Cantu building

By Jennifer Green

Shepherd City Council Trustees voted to purchase the Cantu Building, 16 & 28 N. Liberty in Shepherd, for the cost of $50,000 during their regular monthly meeting on Dec. 11.

The building was appraised for $140,000, Mayor Earl Brown said. The City will also cover the cost of titles fees and the like. Brown added that the City Hall will move over to the new location, plus the Shepherd Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation and the Shepherd Chamber of Commerce will also have office locations.

There will also be room available for public use.

The City Council also may meet in the Cantu Building but that is still being decided upon.

The Board decided that, given the value of the building and the purchase price agreed upon, the purchase of the building was a wise decision. A motion from Yvonne Ryba and a second by Shannon Bailey approved the appraisal and purchase of the Cantu building. With only one opposing vote from Charles Minton the motion was passed to accept the appraisal and move towards a purchase contract.

With a Motion from Ryba and a second from Bailey, and with one opposing vote from Minton, the Board voted to have the City Attorney prepare a $1000.00 Earnest Money Contract for the purchase of the Cantu Building.

The Board decided to set the date for a public hearing to amend the budget by cashing a CD to pay for the purchase, repairs and remodel of the Cantu building.
The date for the public hearing will be Jan. 8 at 7 p.m., which is also the date and time of the next Board meeting.

The board also unanimously approved a payment of up to $30,000.00 to Goodwin Lasiter to have them begin a comprehensive plan to be used for the possible funding of infrastructure improvements for the City of Shepherd. This plan is one of the requirements needed in the application for certain grants.

Also during the meeting, a discussion regarding appointment of the City Council and a few alternates to serve as the building standards commission to determine cases of alleged violation of city ordinances relating to substandard structures or any other unsafe or unhealthy conditions was discussed. The Motion was passed with a unanimous vote.

The decision to partner with the Film Commission by submitting photos of The City of Shepherd to their database to be used for possible movie locations in the future was discussed was passed unanimously.

Lastly, the minutes of the previous meetings were approved along with the payment of the cities monthly bills.
Also during the meeting, Shepherd High School Ag teacher, Mr. Cronin, and some of his students the were recognized for their hard work and effort that they put in on the new park benches that will be placed in the Shepherd Park. Joining him in this presentation were Blaine Cleveland and Jonathan Charles, two of the students that are primarily responsible for the work done on the benches.