Trojans take Pirates in extra innings

By Charles Ballard
San Jacinto News Sports Reporter

A bit inside.  Dawson Bennett, second baseman for the Trojans keeps an eye on Holloway’s low inside pitch.  (Photo by Charles Ballard)A bit inside. Dawson Bennett, second baseman for the Trojans keeps an eye on Holloway’s low inside pitch. (Photo by Charles Ballard)COLDSPRING: Baseball -The Coldspring Trojans hosted the Shepherd Pirates, in a re-match of earlier in the season. Coach Sloan said, “We are just going to play good baseball with nothing special on the game plan.” Well, it worked to a “T”, the Trojans took the Pirates in a very close district match up with a 4 to 3 win in the late innings of the game.

Dominique Richie, pitcher for the Trojans got the first batter for Shepherd, Royce See hit a towering fly ball to the short stop and Richie gets the first Pirate out. After throwing three straight balls, which were close, but just a bit off plate, he sends Shepherds Crowder to first base with a base on balls. A Shepherd runner is now on base, and things tighten up just a little bit. With Richie trying to settle in he throws a pitch just a little too outside for Casey Moore, the Trojan Catcher to stop, and Crowder takes second on a pass ball. Shepherd’s Reeves, now at bat hits one just inside second base and records the second out of the inning. A second pass ball to the Catcher sends Crowder to third in scoring position. Richie during a stretch sends another fast ball past the catcher and Crowder walks across the base for the first score of the night. Shepherd 1 Coldspring 0.
It wasn’t until the third inning, that Coldspring bats lite the sky. Dillon Bennett, Center Fielder for the Trojans steps in to the batter’s box with one thing on his mind, “I have to get on base”. Ball one is called by “Blue”, Dillon steps out of the batter’s box and gets the call from Coach Sloan. Dillon hits a towering fly just outside the park but is foul. All Dillon had to do is just straighten the last hit out and he is in business. The next pitch was in Dillon’s wheel house, he hit it in to deep right field. The ball almost had to file a flight plan with the airport. It did stay in the park; but not by much. Dillon is on with a double. Craig Elanson, is hit by a pitch, and is put on first, Runners are on first and second. Dillon sees a chance to steal third on a pick off pitch and runners are on the corner. The Pirate pitcher sends a pass ball by his catcher and scores Dillon. The game is tied up, but the momentum of the game is clearly in Coldspring advantage. Noah Williams is now the batter and has two strikes on him. Craig steals second and sets up Noah for a good hit. Noah slams a “Texas Leaguer” between second and third just outside the reach of the shortstop and center fielder. Dominque Riche, decides to help his cause by sending a nice hit between second and third. This hit by Richie scores Craig and Noah. The score is now Coldspring 3 and Shepherd 1.
During the Seventh inning the Pirates scored 2 unanswered runs to tie the game up. In the 9th inning the Trojans managed to squeeze one extra run to keep the win at home.

On April 19, the Trojans will visit Tarkington and then on Friday take a trip to Huffman. The Trojans will return home for Senior night, April 26, against Cleveland. And ending the district play in Liberty on April 29. The Trojans are going to have to win several of the remaining games and hope for a little help from other district teams to make the fourth spot in the playoff season. It has been a rough couple of years for the baseball team, three Head Coaches in three years. Each Coach having a new plan of attack to learn. The Trojans have always had a winning attitude and I see no difference in this season. That is the way I see it “From the Dugout”.