Pirates win in runaway from Tigers, 30-6

This is what is known as a look out block, especially when three Shepherd Pirates have sacked your QB. (Photo by Mark Anderson)This is what is known as a look out block, especially when three Shepherd Pirates have sacked your QB. (Photo by Mark Anderson)

By Mark Anderson

SHEPHERD — It’s not often that you see a pirate (think peg-legged pirate here) outrun a tiger. Last Friday night; however, that is what happened in Shepherd as the Pirates, behind Trevor Moye’s two touchdowns, pounced on the Tigers in a runaway, 30-6, at the “Field of Pain” in Shepherd.

Tone Set Early
The opening kickoff set the tone for the entire game in two respects. “Hercules” Moye fielded it and took off up the Trinity sideline. Somewhere in the path to the end-zone; however, a Pirate got called for a facemask penalty. That drive stalled out and Trinity got the pigskin back backed up deep into Pirate territory.

One thing that became very apparent very early in the game is the two interior lines were completely mismatched. Even though the touchdown by Moye was called back, the offensive line created holes for Devin Withers (73 yards on 12 carries), got it to the four-yard line. A false start moved the ball back five yards, and then Truelove was sacked and intercepted.

Trinity could not do any better on the next series. Trinity seemed to want to throw, but could not even hit the wide-open photographer on the sidelines.

When Trinity punted, Shepherd moved back down the field in short order, thanks to a long Moye run. With a first and goal this time, OC David Benbow gave it to Moye, who scored easily a misdirection play, that, combined with a two-point play, put the Pirates up, 8-0, with 1:05 in the first.

On the next series, Brayden Greer appeared to have beaten his opponent from Shepherd, but the best chance for excitement for Tiger fans died a hard death when the ball overshot him by a good three to four yards.

As the Quarter Turned
The Pirates got the ball back at their 28-yard line, and immediately fed their horse, Trevor Moye, on the second play. Moye galloped to the end-zone to put the Pirates up by a score of 16-0 after the successful two-point play with just over 11 minutes left in the second quarter.
Trinity finally seemed to get their offense out of granny gear, with a key play being a catch and run down the Shepherd sidelines by the giant-sized Trinity tight end, whose name is not locatable at press time. Even this big play by the big fella could not do anything more than give Trinity a sniff of the end zone from where he was tackled.

When Shepherd got the ball back, the offense, after sputtering on a fumble on the first play, kicked it into overdrive, with Devin Withers carrying for the first down, Moye carrying it down to the seven-yard line on the next play, and then John Salcido punching it in with 8:13 left to make it 24-0 after the successful two-point play.

The Tigers looked a gift horse in the mouth on the next series, when an apparent quarterback sack was wiped out by yellow carpeting by the zebras for offsides against Shepherd. In spite of the break, Trinity could do nothing that remotely represented a threat, and turned it over again.

When Shepherd got the ball back, they had 55 yards between them, the Trinity defense, and the end zone, with time winding down in the half. Offensive coordinator David Benbow cranked up the big rig known as the offensive line, and turned his horses loose. John Salcido scored for the second time in the game with 45 seconds left in the half to put the Pirates up by a score of 30-0.

When Shepherd kicked off, Justin Standley fielded the kickoff, and after a few stops, starts and turns, he went the distance for the touchdown, with 27 ticks of the clock left. The two-point try was unsuccessful, and that made the half time — and the final score — 30-6.

There is one other play that is worthy of mentioning. David Yates came past me after nearly blocking a punt, looked at this reporter, and said, “I’m going to block one. You watch.” Two punts later, he did.

A great deal of the credit for Shepherd’s offensive explosions to date go to the offensive line. As John Schubert told me, “Coach White always makes sure we have pride. Without pride, we wouldn’t be who we are today.” Schubert has a favorite quote from Coach White: “The offensive line does the dirty work to keep the pretty boys clean.”
Great line, Coach White — and very true.

Next week, Shepherd travels to Liberty to take on a much-improved Panther team. Game time in Liberty is scheduled for 7:30 pm.